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3M Miss McNamee

Welcome to Year 3!



3M Class Teacher: Miss McNamee

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Goode


Welcome back year three. We have lots of exciting things to learn this term so we are going to be very busy.

Our new thematic unit is…………….. ‘Food Glorious Food.’ We will be answering questions such as, where does our food come from? How does our food travel to us? What is in our food? What is a healthy diet? Farming will be an important topic, paying a particular interest in farms in Shirley compared to farms in Chile. Children will understand that we have a responsibility to support communities and farmers to trade their way out of poverty. Writing opportunities include an information text about plants and instructions for a healthy recipe. With any luck, our new theme will be just as successful as our previous theme (Unsinkable)I am so excited about our history topic this term: Ancient Greece! It is a fantastic topic that year 3 will love. They even get the opportunity to come to school dressed up as either an Athenian or Spartan and can take part in an Ancient Greece morning with Freshwater Theatre Company.