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5CO Miss O’Donnell



Welcome to Year 5




Christmas- Understand the main features of the Christmas story and understand some of the difficulties faced by different characters in the story. Children will ask deeper questions regarding Herod's actions and why he was opposed to the birth of this special child.

Baptism - Be able to reference Gospel accounts of the Baptism of Jesus. Be able to describe, sequence and explain many signs, symbols and actions in the Sacrament of Baptism. Children will be able to ask deeper questions about the meaning of the signs and symbols.

Lent - Know that Lent is a season of chamge for Christians to be more like Jesus. Understand some things that damage human relationships and the consequences of giving into temptation. Recognise that the Sacrament of Reconcilation is the Church's celebration of forgiving sins.


Pupils study persuasive in a range of contexts and independently write a letter of complaint using language and grammar features taught. Children study a range of grammatical techniques including: phrases, clauses, modal verbs and recap on sophisticated connectives. A range of spelling words will be studied including words adding suffixes, able and ible and ance/ancy and tial.


Fractions, decimals, percentages,  handling data, shape and space as well as co-ordinates, working out the perimeter and area of a shape, measures including conversion of one unit to another, properties, pattern and sequences in numbers. Get those problem solving and reasoning skills ready - you will need them!


Linked to our theme, "Let's go to another planet"

Pupils will study our solar system, learning about the relative movements of the planets and the Moon and relating these to the way we experience the Sun and the Moon on Earth. They carry out some research into planets and investigate the way meteorites have shaped the surface of the Moon.


Searching the Internet

Pupils will be taught how to keep their online profile secure and to protect personal information. They will be taught to use search techniques effectively and to know how results are ranked. They will learn how to evaluate and validate online digital content. They will understand the terms of copyright and plagiarism and know how to credit sources of information in their own work.

Clear and present danger

Pupils will select, use and combine a variety of software (including internet services) on a range of digital devices to present data and information in order to accomplish given goals. They will use spreadsheets  for modelling and creating multimedia poems. They will use email safely, respectfully and responsibly; recognise acceptable/ unacceptable behaviour and identify a range of ways to report concerns about content and contact. They will use a Scratch game which is set in space.


Children will research and then write a report on the Apollo 11 moon landing.


Drawing – Using shading pencils and charcoal to contrast a sketch of the moon and then using coloured pastels and chalk to draw the Baptism of Jesus.Making sketch books

D& T - Children produce a model of the solar system.


Volleyball and table tennis


This will be all about invasion games! You will develop your attack and defence skills in football,netball and tag rugby.


Gustav Holst the Planets and exploring sound sources - Journey into space.

CBSO "Adopt a Player"

Two members of the CBSO will visit school to work with children in Year 5.

Homework and timetable information


10 minutes reading homework

10 minutes times tables

PE Kit needed- Indoor


10 minutes reading homework

10 minutes times tables

Art/Design and Technology (bring in to school aprons/old shirt)

Spelling Dictation in class


10 minutes reading homework

10 minutes times tables

PE Kit needed- Outdoor (tracksuit if possible)


Maths and English homework issued to be returned by the following Tuesday



Please note:

The MyMaths website provides many Beat the Clock activities which the children can use to improve their mental maths skills. Spelling, reading and times tables practice should be done throughout the week.