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5PO Mrs O’Donnell



Welcome to Year 5



Easter - Children learn about the Church's celebration of Easter through the Easter Vigil. They will learn about the Church's belief in eternal life through the Easter story and the story of the Ascension of Jesus into heaven.

Pentecost - The unit is designed to give children greater insight into the Church's belief in the Holy Spirit. It will also explore the Christian belief in the Holy Trinity and prayer and devotion to the Holy Spirit.

The Work of the Apostles - Pupils will understand the significant role the Apostles played in proclaiming the Good News. Pupils will reflect on the work of the Apostles as building the foundations of the Church.

Marriage and Holy Orders - Are Sacraments of commitment in the Church. It will help them appreciate that everybody has some responsibility and part to play in the life of the Church.



Children study root words and adding a prefix or suffix. From this they will write a short paragraph using these taught words and a range of grammatical techniques including: phrases, clauses, modal verbs and recap on sophisticated connectives. A range of spelling words will be studied including words adding suffixes, to words ending in-fer and -ial. They will also continue with the year 5 list. Children will study a range of parenthesis and use them in their writing.


Area and perimeter including compound shapes, 2 step money problems, statistics including: line graphs, graphs showing grouped data, pie charts and mean, median and mode. Children will also study a range of shapes and their properties. There will also be a recap of fractions which will include making links to decimals and calculating percentages.


Decay and Recycling - identify materilas that decay and why. Plan a scientific enquiry to find common decay times of common materials. Know that some materilas can be be recycled into new useful materilas. Investigate decay of fruit and vegetables and what can prevent decay.

Computing- E- Safety online including chat rooms and use of mobile phones.



Computer simulations - Using online games to replicate real life situations.

Study the benefits and risks of gaming online

Effective Searching - using a range of tools, children are able to serach the web safely and accurately.


The Celts - including the rise and fall of Boudicca!


Study the style of the French artist Monet. Children will research his life and understand his impressionalist style of paintings. Children replicate his "water lillies painting"




Tennis and rounders.


.Explore rhythm and pulse and exploring lyrics and melody.

Theme -  Let's make a splash!!!

Children study the water cycle, rivers: how they are formed  and erosion caused by them on the land.

Homework and timetable information


10 minutes reading homework

10 minutes times tables

Reading books changed

PE Kit needed- Indoor


10 minutes reading homework

10 minutes times tables

Art/Design and Technology (bring in to school aprons/old shirt)

Spelling Dictation in class


10 minutes reading homework

10 minutes times tables

PE Kit needed- Outdoor (tracksuit if possible)


Maths and English homework issued to be returned by the following Tuesday



Please note:

The MyMaths website provides many Beat the Clock activities which the children can use to improve their mental maths skills. Spelling, reading and times tables practice should be done throughout the week.