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6U Mrs Upton

Welcome to Year 6!

Hello 6U. A warm welcome back to school and welcome to our class page. Here you can find out what we'll be learning about this term.



Story of the People of God. In this unit you will be given opportunities to develop your knowledge and understanding of the structure of the Bible and the forms of literature that are found in the different books. You will be introduced to stories of significant people in the Old Testament such as Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel and Moses.

Followers of Christ. What a great unit to help us prepare for Confirmation this year! We will consider the call of the disciples by Jesus. You will learn about the demands that the call of Christ placed on these first disciples and you will think about ways in which people answer the call of Christ today through the life of the Church.

Advent. In this unit you will explore the two parts of the Season of Advent. A time to prepare for Christ to come again and a time to prepare to celebrate his birth at Christmas. Through some Parables of Jesus, a year 6 liturgy and some of the prayers and hymns of the Church you will explore these themes.



What a fantastic start to the school year! We will be writing Adventure Stories as part of our narrative unit – you will be exploring Roger Hargreaves Mr Men and Little Miss books and will design and write a story about your very own Mr Men character! Non-fiction - you will be exploring biographical texts and non-chronological reports. You will learn the characteristic structure and language features of these types of text to help you create your own.



Place value, x and ÷ including decimals, use of + - x ÷ to solve ‘real life’ problems including money, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio and proportion, handling data, shape and space as well as co-ordinates, working out the perimeter and area of a shape, measures including conversion of one unit to another, properties, pattern and sequences in numbers. Get those problem solving and reasoning skills ready - you will need them!



Our first topic is Evolution. You will study how living things have changed over time; consider the importance of fossils for providing information about living things that inhabited the earth millions of years ago and consider how animals and plants have adapted to suit their environment.



Fetch your time machine - we are going a long, long way back! We are looking at changes in Britain from the Savage Stone Age right the way through to the Iron Age. Doesn't sound like a long time? Wait until you unravel our 'Toilet Roll time line' to help us picture it!

Then get ready to uncover the Gun Powder plot in our topic 'Let's Blow Something Up!'



Through our ‘Let’s Blow Something Up’ theme, you will discover more about the make-up of the Earth and find out about its different layers. You will learn about tectonic plates and how volcanoes are formed. Using atlases and world maps, you will locate volcanoes around the world and discover the ring of fire.



No it isn't the Ice Age, but we are huddling up in our caves and communicating with cave paintings! As we discover more about the different periods of the Stone Age, you will explore mixing techniques and collage effects to create a picture of the very famous, very mysterious and very, very old Stonehenge.

Through our continuing ‘Let’s Blow Something Up’ theme, you will learn about the artist Margaret Godfrey and create pictures of the inside of volcanoes in her particular style.



Get ready to work as a team and are going to be learning volleyball skills. Get those feet moving and enjoy our Stone Age dance too!


This will be all about invasion games! You will develop your attack and defence skills in hockey, football, netball and basketball.



Linking to our ‘Let’s Blow Something Up’ theme, you will listen to Handel’s Fireworks song, before creating and performing your own music using instruments.


Homework and timetable information


10 minutes reading homework

10 minutes times tables


10 minutes reading homework

10 minutes times tables

Homework due

Art/Design and Technology (bring in to school aprons/old shirt)


10 minutes reading homework

10 minutes times tables


10 minutes reading homework

10 minutes times tables

PE Dance/Gymnastics (PE kit or dance kit required. Indoor pumps)


Games (PE kit and tracksuit required. Trainers)

10 minutes reading homework

Spelling homework

Please note:

Children have opportunities to ‘try out’ for different teams or to participate in after school games clubs. It is useful to have kit in school every day.

Maths and English homework is given weekly, on various days. The MyMaths website provides many Beat the Clock activities which the children can use to improve their mental maths skills. Spelling, reading and times tables practice should be done throughout the week.