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6U Mrs Upton

Welcome to Year 6!

Hello 6U. Welcome to our class page. Here you can find out what we'll be learning about this term.



Christmas: This term you will explore Art work from the famous He Qi, that focuses on two of the Gospel accounts of The Birth of Jesus. You will have lots of opportunity to explore The Bible and brush up on your referencing skills, as we explore and discuss key similarities and differences between both accounts and report on the event in the style of a Newspaper Report. To conclude the unit we will look at St John's prologue to explore his account of Jesus coming into the word and create our own art work in the style of He Qi depicting this.


Followers of Christ. What a great unit to help us prepare for Confirmation this year! We will consider the call of the disciples by Jesus. You will learn about the demands that the call of Christ placed on these first disciples and you will think about ways in which people answer the call of Christ today through the life of the Church.


Lent and Holy Week: Moving forwards, you will develop your knowledge and understanding of prayer, fasting and almsgiving as we enter the Lenten season and consider why this is so important for Christians today. We will explore the passion of Jesus from the events that took place in the Garden of Gethsemane through to the death of Jesus on the cross, both in class and through our Lenten Liturgy as we work together to portray through singing, acting, reading Scripture and various reflections, Jesus’ final journey.


Prayer: You will develop your understanding of prayer as a special way of spending time with God. You will explore the vocabulary, actions, places and aids associated with prayer and practice some meditation.

A very important part of your learning in our school is learning about and practising your faith. You will regularly be invited to be involved in the celebration of Mass and the planning of liturgies.



'Tlot Tlot, Tlot Tlot' On your horses Year 6, we will be beginning the Spring Term by racing into our Narrative Poetry Unit and learning all about The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. You will demonstrate your performance skills by acting and reciting verses from memory in our very own class representation of the poem. During this topic you will write a detailed diary entry as the jealous and furious Tim the Ostler who just wants his beloved Bess back! After that we will create a newspaper report detailing the events of that dramatic night in the old inn yard.

Moving forward you will be exploring biographical texts, non-chronological reports and persuasion - you will learn the features involved in these texts so you can create your own!



Place value, x and ÷ including decimals, use of + - x ÷ to solve ‘real life’ problems including money, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio and proportion, handling data, shape and space as well as co-ordinates, working out the perimeter and area of a shape, measures including conversion of one unit to another, properties, pattern and sequences in numbers. Get those problem solving and reasoning skills ready - you will need them! Please brush up on your times tables - the quicker you can recall them, the more efficient you will be at using them to solving problems!



Classification: You will build on your knowledge of classification from previous years and look at the classification of invertebrates and microorganisms in more detail. We will develop the unit according to your interests. Get ready to research and play games which help you learn about biodiversity and threats to it; microorganisms (yes, including germs!) and classes of invertebrates. 

Evolution: You will study how living things have changed over time; consider the importance of fossils for providing information about living things that inhabited the earth millions of years ago and consider how animals and plants have adapted to suit their environment.



You will create your own interpretation of St John's Prologue as you use various media in the style of artist He QI's work. Using vanishing points, you will learn how to add using perspective to add depth and greater realism to a picture. We will draw a city scene using perspective to add depth, rather than creating a 'flat' picture before moving on to two point perspective to create another picture in the media of your choice.



Homework and timetable information


10 minutes reading homework

10 minutes times tables

Spelling homework given


10 minutes reading homework

10 minutes times tables

PE Dance/Gymnastics (PE kit or dance kit required. Indoor pumps)

Art/Design and Technology (bring in to school aprons/old shirt)

Maths and English Homework due for Mrs Upton


10 minutes reading homework

10 minutes times tables


10 minutes reading homework

10 minutes times tables


Games (PE kit and tracksuit required. Trainers)

10 minutes reading homework

Spelling dictation in school

Maths and English homework given by Mrs Upton


Parents please note: Maths and English homework is given weekly. The MyMaths website provides many Beat the Clock activities which the children can use to improve their mental maths skills. Spelling, reading and times tables practice should be done throughout the week.

Children should already be able to recall rapidly and accurately multiplication facts and their related division facts. Please practise with your child if they need it.


As you know, Year 6 children will sit end of Key Stage 2 standardised assessment tests (‘SATs’) at the beginning of Term 3 in May. Please support your child in their preparations by ensuring that they complete revision and homework assignments to their best standard and always punctually. Thank you.