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Mrs Jeyes, Mrs Forsyth, Mrs Johnson

Welcome to Reception

Our team are :

  • Mrs K Jeyes (Red Group)
  • Mrs A Johnson (Green Group)
  • Mrs V Forsyth (Blue Group)
  • Mrs P Hegarty, Mrs J Page, Miss R Rodd, Mr G Girling, Mrs A O'Connor, Mrs C Taylor, Miss F Jeyes

23rd June 2017


Phew... what a hot week we have had! Our outdoor classroom has limited shade so we created our own little shelters, using tables and large drapes, where we could stay cool while we played.

This week, we have been learning about farm animals, farm produce and all the different things that happen on the Farm. We have been digging up (plastic) root vegetables hidden in the sand, talking about where different foods come from - Does it grow or does it come from a farm animal? - and thinking especially about the many foods that are made using wheat or milk. We all had a great time 'milking' white paint from rubber gloves suspended from the canopy!


Next week, we are moving from the farm to the Jungle. We will be comparing Farm animals to wild animals and, in support of our learning about 'People who help us' and our understanding that we are all special, we will be hearing some stories about 'Elmer'. We are particularly excited about setting up an 'Explorers' Den' in the outdoor classroom where we can investigate camouflage, binoculars, maps and compasses.


Wishing you all a lovely weekend!


The Reception Team.



This term our topic is "All Creatures Great and Small"  see below for curriculum information...


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New Beginnings

New Beginnings 1
Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our wonderful New Beginnings Tree.  We have enjoyed reading all your hopes and dreams.  Please keep them coming!

Curriculum Map: Summer Term 2