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Mrs Jeyes, Mrs Forsyth, Mrs Johnson

Welcome to Reception

Our team are :

  • Mrs K Jeyes (Red Group)
  • Mrs A Johnson (Green Group)
  • Mrs V Forsyth (Blue Group)
  • Mrs P Hegarty, Mrs J Page, Miss R Rodd, Mr G Girling, Mrs A O'Connor, Mrs C Taylor, Miss F Jeyes

19th May 2017


Well... what a wet week we've had!

Luckily, we've enjoyed plenty of exciting indoor and 'under the canopy' activities creating ladybirds and worms. We've explored doubling numbers (with ladybird spots), wondered about why the ladybird was so bad-tempered and written about things which make us feel grumpy. We also had a great time using tweezers to count out 'spaghetti worms' into different containers. They were so slippery!


Today, we participated in our whole school May Procession. All the children were very reverent and respectful and, as we have been practising saying the Hail Mary every day throughout May, were able to join in as we processed around the school to lay our flowers beside the statue of Our Lady. We are so proud of them! Thank you all for your kind donations of flowers to support this wonderful occasion.


Next week, we will be continuing our learning about 'Superworm' and hearing some 'Anansi the Spider' stories.

There will be no homework sent home on Thursday as we break up next Friday (26th).


Wishing you all a lovely weekend and thanking you for your continued support.


The Reception Team.



This term our topic is "All Creatures Great and Small"  see below for curriculum information...

Mothers Day

Mothers Day 1
Mothers Day 2
Mothers Day 3

St Patrick's Day Shenanigans

St Patrick's Day Shenanigans 1
St Patrick's Day Shenanigans 2
St Patrick's Day Shenanigans 3


WASPS! 1 We 'warmed up' WASP-style!
WASPS! 2 We played a pirate game.
WASPS! 3 Some of us were pirates...
WASPS! 4 ...and some of us were sharks.
WASPS! 5 The pirates had to dodge the sharks...
WASPS! 6 ...and collect treasure. It was great!!

World Book Day

World Book Day 1 'Oranges and Lemons'
World Book Day 2 'Three men in a boat'
World Book Day 3 'The Queen of Hearts'
World Book Day 4 We all dressed up...
World Book Day 5 as characters from books.
World Book Day 6 We had a great day!
World Book Day 7 ...and so did our teachers!!

Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday 1
Shrove Tuesday 2
Shrove Tuesday 3

A visit from the Police

A visit from the Police 1

Road Safety!

Road Safety! 1 We know how to cross the road safely!

Our windy Winter Walk!

Our windy Winter Walk! 1 We went on a Winter Walk...
Our windy Winter Walk! 2 ... and we found frost!
Our windy Winter Walk! 3 We explored and played...
Our windy Winter Walk! 4 ...and enjoyed toast and hot chocolate!
Our windy Winter Walk! 5 The hot-buttered toast was delicious!
Our windy Winter Walk! 6 ...and so was the 'hot chocolate'!!
Our windy Winter Walk! 7 Despite the cold and windy weather...
Our windy Winter Walk! 8 ...we had a great time!

The Epiphany

The Epiphany 1 We visited the crib in our school...
The Epiphany 2 ...but we couldn't find the 3 Kings!
The Epiphany 3 We went on a Magi hunt. There they are!
The Epiphany 4 We visited our Church to look at the crib.
The Epiphany 5 We practised kneeling, it's hard when you're small
The Epiphany 6 Mrs Hearn showed us the incense burner...
The Epiphany 7 ...and burned some frankincense!
The Epiphany 8 The crib was beautiful!
The Epiphany 9 Thank you Mrs Hearn!

Reception Christmas Party

Reception Christmas Party 1
Reception Christmas Party 2
Reception Christmas Party 3
Reception Christmas Party 4
Reception Christmas Party 5
Reception Christmas Party 6
Reception Christmas Party 7
Reception Christmas Party 8
Reception Christmas Party 9
Reception Christmas Party 10
Reception Christmas Party 11

Our Remembrance Day Poppy Wreath

Our Remembrance Day Poppy Wreath 1

The Optometrist, Mr Michael Murray, visited us and told us all about how our eyes 'work' and how to keep them healthy.

The Optometrist, Mr Michael Murray, visited us and told us all about how our eyes 'work' and how to keep them healthy. 1
The Optometrist, Mr Michael Murray, visited us and told us all about how our eyes 'work' and how to keep them healthy. 2


Fire!!! 1
Fire!!! 2
Fire!!! 3
Fire!!! 4
Fire!!! 5

New Beginnings

New Beginnings 1
Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our wonderful New Beginnings Tree.  We have enjoyed reading all your hopes and dreams.  Please keep them coming!

Curriculum Map: Spring Term 2