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1C Mrs Compton

Welcome to Year 1!


Class 1C Teacher: Mrs Compton

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Stiles 



We have had a great first day in Year 1. Please have a look at the pictures in the gallery at some of the fun activities your children participated in.



This term our thematic learning is 'Time to travel'


This theme focuses on: Science - children will learn about the animal kingdom ; Geography - Looking at a world map and the map of the UK to find the seaside and places they have been on holiday. Use simple compass directions and locational and directional languages. They will plot Mary and Joseph journey to Bethlehem on a map. Art - children begin to learn how to draw in proportion. They will draw Neil Armstrong. They will also mix colours when painting fireworks. Computing - Use beebots/roamer to travel up around a large map moving North, South, East and West.

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