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Day 1: The first day of our adventure...


Hello 4CU! How was your first day?


We opened up our year 4 classrooms today to make room for any children who needed to come into school from Middle and Upper phase.  We had to move our drawers and all of our homework packs and Golden Thread folders and Mr. Hill helped to push back the doors.  We did have to take our 'timeline' down too but it is safely in our pod room for now. We then put out our 'wet play' activities out for any children who wanted to use them.


We made sure we had a healthy start to the day with a 30 minute exercise session provided by 'Joe Wicks' on YouTube.  He is going to do this everyday! This made us all quite hot so we then went out for a walk around the playground to cool down. I hope you have been keeping healthy today too? 


Mr. Taylor called a meeting and said that some of us could work from home this week so that we didn't have too many people in school together. Mr. Hill and Miss McNamee stayed in our classroom to look after the few children who had to stay because their parents were at work helping to keep people safe and well. Mrs. Steele, Mrs. Upton and Mrs. Crawford will be doing lots of work at home for this week, like keeping you up to date with our day.


Did you know that I found someone's water bottle and PE kit on the desk when I arrived this morning?  I will leave you to guess who they might belong to?


Anyway, we hope you are finding lots of new things to do and learn and we will keep you posted.  Don't forget to keep those diaries so you can share your adventures with us when you return to school.


God bless

Mrs. Crawford and Mrs. Upton