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2B Mrs Butler

Class 2B

Mrs Butler, Mrs Page and Mrs Stopford


Welcome to year 2


A very warm welcome to parents and children in class 2B. We will be learning about lots of exciting things during this term and I hope we will have lots of fun!

**Important notes**


**Reading books**

Please ensure that your child returns their reading books (including class reading books and library books) in their bag each Thursday.


**We have a new online reading scheme**

There will be a letter in your bag today, 28th September, about our new reading online reading scheme. There should also be some instructions on how to navigate the website. The letter has your logon details. Let the office know if you have a problem logging on. Each week, Mrs Butler will assign a new book (or two). There are two types of book:

Rocket Phonics: You should be able to read this yourself, fluently, and you should be able to answer most of the quiz questions correctly. 

Galaxy: These books are a little more tricky and so the book should be shared between you and an adult.

You can earn stars and rewards. Let me know what you think about the books.

Other books you will have: Library book and Oxford Reading Tree Books. Please remember to return these on Thursdays. We have to clean and quarantine them for a period of time before they can be shared again.


Our Learning this term

RE - we will be: 

learning about Old Testament stories and prayers and we will explore some important images of God found in the scriptures. In our class worship, we will pray together. The focuses will include feast days, families, ideas from our learning in RE, values and virtues and other subjects that the children suggest. Towards the end of the autumn term, we will be learning about the symbols and characters of the liturgical Season of Advent. It will focus on Advent being a season of preparation for Christmas through the story of John the Baptist.


Collective worship

Collective worship is crucial to the spiritual life of our school and to pupils’ moral and spiritual development. Taking part in daily collective worship helps build community cohesion by creating a consistent structure around the core values and symbols of Christianity. Children will be supported in planning collective worship and will take on different roles in our acts of worship, e.g. sharing prayers, reading scripture, reflecting.


English Reading - We will be:


  • continuing our learning of phonics so that we become even better readers.
  • learning about and exploring different kinds of books (fiction and non-fiction).
  • exploring books that our favourite authors have written.
  • learning how to understand the ideas in the books that we are reading (comprehension).
  • focusing on traditional tales and nursery rhymes.

And lots more!


English Writing – We will be:


  • writing our own traditional tales.
  • turning nursery rhymes into a story.
  • learning to write different kinds of sentences (e.g. statements, questions, commands, and exclamations).
  • practising our letter and number formation in handwriting.
  • learning to spell using our phonics and other strategies.

And lots more!


Maths We will be learning about:


Number and Place value

Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division






Science We will be:


  • exploring different materials and begin to link properties with the use of the material
  • carrying out an investigation to decide on the best material for a particular use and imagining what objects would be like if they were made from “silly” materials. 
  • learning about the life of John Boyd Dunlop who invented the pneumatic tyre.


Golden thread We will be:


learning about how our actions can change our planet and cause harm. Our focus is on the problem of litter and the impact of litter (specifically, plastics) on a marine environment.


In Art & Design we will be:


  • learning about colour theory – primary colours and secondary colours; hues and tints.
  • Exploring formal elements of art including pattern, texture and tone.



Reading books and maths and English homework will be given out on Mondays and are to be returned on Thursdays. Thank you for your support. PE timetable to be confirmed.