Home Page ‘Learning and growing together, rooted in Christ’

2B Mrs Butler

Welcome to 2B

Hello children. I hope that you have enjoyed your summer holiday. We have lots of exciting learning for you this term. Here is a summary:




English spelling and grammar homework is given out.

Maths homework is given out.

P.E. Outdoors


P.E. Indoors


Reading online homework is due to be completed.


English spelling and grammar homework is due back at school.

Maths homework is due back at school.

Please note, sometimes maths homework is paper based and sometimes it is online.


We will be learning about Old Testament stories and prayers. We will re-enact some of these exciting stories and write about them. We will pray together in class and celebrate Mass together in church.


We are exploring different traditional tales. What traditional tales do you know already? We will have lots of fun when we act them out in the class and write about them. We will have go at writing our own traditional tale. We will be reading lots and lots of amazing books.


We will be learning about place value of numbers: comparing numbers, ordering numbers, reading and writing numbers, counting in 1s, 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s, counting forwards and back. We will continue your learning on whole/part models.


We will be learning:

about the life cycles of animals including humans

to explain the basic needs of animals including humans

to describe the importance for humans to exercise and eat the right amount of different types of food

about the importance of hygiene

Golden Thread Learning

We will be exploring the ways that we cause harm to our planet. In particular, we will be learning about litter. We will explore other places in our world, especially the different oceans and the harm that is done to the creatures in our oceans by plastic litter.

Art and design

We shall be exploring pattern, texture and tone using lots of different kinds of art resources. You will love it! We will recycle materials to make brilliant pieces of artwork. Some of your work will be displayed in our school art gallery!


Do you know how to keep safe online? We will be learning how to do this and much more. We will find out about different computer parts and looking at technology in school and in our home.


How exciting! We will be continuing our Glockenspiel lessons! They are so much fun. We will learn to play great songs together.


We will be improving our footwork by playing different games and practising new skills. You will learn to challenge yourself and to keep trying if you don't succeed at first.


We will be learning to understand and manage our feelings.