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2SB Mrs Sallis & Mrs Brazil

Hello everyone,

Mrs Sallis and Mrs Brazil are looking forward to teaching you this Year! 






Mrs Sallis

Outdoor PE


Mrs Sallis

Library Day


Mrs Sallis



Mrs Brazil

P.E. Indoors


Mrs Brazil

am: English spelling and grammar homework is due back at school.

Spelling Test

pm: Homework given out.


Please note, sometimes maths homework is paper based and sometimes it is online.


We are learning about Jesus' miracles and parables.


Wk com 17/1: Addition, including using an empty number line

Wk com 24/1: Subtraction, including using an empty number line

Wk com 31/1:

Wk com 7/2:

Wk com 14/2: 



We are studying the text, 'The Man on the Moon' by Simon Bartram. We will be writing character and setting descriptions, instructions and finally our own trip to the moon narrative!


Science/ DT/ RSE

We will be learning:

  • to describe the importance to eat the right amount of different types of food
  • about the importance of hygiene and looking after our bodies


Golden Thread Learning

We will be exploring the ways that we cause harm to our planet. In particular, we will be learning about litter. We will explore other places in our world, especially the different oceans and the harm that is done to the creatures in our oceans by plastic litter.



Do you know how to keep safe online? We will be learning how to do this and much more. We will find out about different computer parts and looking at technology in school and in our home.


PE/ Games

We will be improving developing our throwing and catching skills. You will learn to challenge yourself and to keep trying if you don't succeed at first.



We will be learning to understand and manage our feelings.