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3M Miss McNamee

Welcome to Year 3!



3M Class Teacher: Miss McNamee

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Tobin


HAPPY NEW YEAR! We have lots of exciting things coming up this term.


Our history topic is one of my favourites… Ancient Greece. We explore the life of people from both Athens and Sparta, understanding the similarities and differences between two rival cities. Freshwater Theatre Company will be coming in for our Ancient Greek morning. Children will have the opportunity to dress up for this too. Writing opportunities arise as part of this fascinating topic and children will be able to write their own Greek myth. Art this term will be focusing on the works of Wassily Kandinsky, exploring the use of primary and secondary colours to create a mood-filled painting. In French, children will be able to confidently say what they enjoy doing, discuss their birthday and sing happy birthday. Our super scientists will be excited for our new topic: forces and magnets. Through experiments, children will understand friction and the factors that affect the speed of an object and the everyday uses of magnets.


Children will be making the Sacrament of Reconciliation this term so we'll be exploring this special sacrament in class, with the help of Deacon Loone and Father Gerardo. Please keep all year three children in your prayers. 


Just a reminder, that all letters, reminders and general correspondence will be uploaded onto this class please so please check weekly.