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3M Miss McNamee

Welcome to Year 3!

Class Teacher: Miss McNamee

Trainee Teacher: Miss Kenny

LSA: Mrs Key

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Tobin




Hi 3M,


Today is Touch Base Wednesday; an opportunity for you to catch up on your Category 2 work. It is also an opportunity for me to meet with some of you via Teams, to support your further with your learning.


When you have completed all of your category 2 learning, you need to go back over your completed work. Make sure you click on 'completed' when in assignments. Click on your individual work and read your feedback. You might have pinks to look at and amend. If you make any changes to your work, make sure you return it back to me, so I can have a look your changes. 


Once you have done this, there are some activities for you to get on with. I would like you to practise your year three spellings, times tables and read. I have uploaded this work both on the website under, 'Remote Learning' and as an assignment on Teams.


Thank you,

Miss McNamee xx




Hi 3M,


Touch Base Wednesdays are commencing this week. Just to confirm, there are no set lessons on Wednesday. Instead, I will be arranging 'Meetings' with some children to further support them in their learning. Please note, you might not be asked to join a meeting this week, but might be asked next week. It depends on the work you're producing at home.


I will invite you to a meeting on Teams by the end of the day on TUESDAY. This will pop up on your calendar on Teams and an email will come through from me too. I will also notify you on our Class 3M group chat.


Please make sure you are signed into your emails every day. To do this, please follow the pathway below:


Google - SOLGRID - Solgrid Office 365(including email) - 79child's - your individual password. (The log in details are the same as signed into Teams.


Thank you,

Miss McNamee xx






Hi 3M,


Next week's timetable is in the 'Remote Learning' section at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions for me, please contact


Have a great weekend and a well-deserved rest.


Miss McNamee xx




HI 3M.

Thank you once again for your hard work today. I have absolutely loved the last few days and I hope you're enjoying it too. Another apology coming your way from me....... I haven't got the YouTube link for the French lessons yet. I need to ask Miss Bell to put them on for me. I know it says French tomorrow. Can you please use this time as your free writing time? Spend 20 minutes free writing. You could write a story, a character description, a comic, a newspaper report, a diary entry, an information text etc.

If you want to send any Category 3 work to me for me to look at, you can send it to Make sure to add my name in the subject box. Also, if you have any questions or worries, please do send me an email. I find it difficult to keep up to date with your chat. This chat system is for you to talk to your friends, which I think is really important for you but it does take me a really long time to check that I haven't missed a message from anyone.


One last thing - when I mark your work, I might need to video call you in the afternoon to help you further with your learning. I will send you an invitation and you will see this as an email. Please make sure you log in to your school email every day so you don't miss a meeting with me.


Thank you children and parents for your continued support. You are all amazing!