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4CU Mrs Crawford and Mrs Upton


Week beginning 5/7/20


2 weeks to go before we see you all again!  



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Mrs Crawford and Mrs Upton



The 4CU 'Bake Off' gallery...

Chocolate-orange cookies by Evie-May
Ice-cream bread by Evie-May
Slow cooker banana bread by Mrs Upton
Cornflake peanut butter and jam cookies by Dominic
Cupcakes by Will
Chocolate cake by Eloise
Chocolate Fudge Brownies by Paige
Queen Cake by Paige
Muffins and choc chip cookies by Mrs Crawford
Lemon drizzle cake by Mrs Crawford
Chocolate Oreo Muffins by Sophie
Butterfly cupcakes by Grace
Blueberry cheesecake by Paige
Chocolate cookies by Paige
Double choc muffins by Will & Chloe