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4CU Mrs Crawford and Mrs Upton

Welcome to Year 4!



Hello 4CU. A warm welcome back to school and welcome to our class page. Here you can find out what we'll be learning about this term.



Creation and the Story of Abraham to Joseph.

In this unit, you will learn about important stories from the Book of Genesis starting with the story of Creation. Along with considering our roles as guardians of the Earth and making links to our Golden Thread, we will explore the idea that human beings are made in God’s image and likeness. But how? How can we all look like God when we all look so different from each other? Let’s find out more together.


Old Testament: Moses to King David

In this unit you will discover some important stories about Moses and how he was chosen by God for a really special task. We will think carefully about God’s relationship with the people of Israel before learning about the life of King David – another person chosen by God for a very important task. How have we been chosen by God? Are we listening? Are we ready to respond?


Advent. In this unit we will prepare for the coming of Jesus by researching his family tree. One by one, we will explore the ancestors of Jesus, and their special relationship with God, before creating our own Jesse tree.



We will be writing Fable Stories as part of our narrative unit – you will be exploring Aesop’s fables and will plan and write your very own fable designed around a moral of your choice! Non-fiction – using our Golden Thread ‘The Destruction of Biomes’ you will be exploring non-chronological reports and persuasive texts. You will learn the characteristic structure and language features of these types of text to help you create your own.



We will be exploring several areas of maths including place value, patterns and sequences in numbers, mental maths and calculations with use of + - x ÷ to solve ‘real life’ problems including money, fractions, decimals. Get those problem-solving and reasoning skills ready - you will need them! You will be telling the time on a 12 hour digital and analogue clock. We will also be converting this to the 24 hour clock to solve various problems. It would be great if mums and dads could support you at home, by asking you to tell them the time, using analogue and digital clocks or watches.

It is very important that you are practising your times tables up to x12 at home as often as you can. This will really help you in the classroom.



Our first topic is Digestion. You will explore interrelationships in food, constructing food chains and food webs, linking this to our Golden Thread and considering how the destruction of biomes and habitats can impact these food chains.

Next you will learn about the structure of our mouths and about how to care for your teeth, investigating which drink stains teeth the most. Finally, you will learn about the structure of the digestive system from mouth to … ahem … poo!


Golden Thread

Wow this will be interesting! Our Golden Thread for this term, which everyone in the school will be working on, is called How our actions change our planet and cause harm. Year 4’s focus will be The Destruction of Biomes and Habitats. So what is a biome? What is a habitat? You will find out all this and more as we hone our research and presentation skills to teach each other about the various land biomes. Next, we will apply this knowledge to the Rainforest Biome and in particular, the Amazon Rainforest. Where is it? Which animals live there? Who else lives there? Why is it under threat? What is being done about it? Can we help? Let’s find out!



During PE lessons this half term, you will be focusing on Gymnastics. Through solo, paired and group routines, you will develop and improve your balance, movement, co-ordination and organisation.



Oom Pa Pa Oom Pa Pa! As part of our Wider Opportunities, Year 4 will be learning a brass instrument and playing a concert!

Warm up your voices…Mrs Krober will also be working with us to teach us singing skills in a variety of musical genres, such as singing in rounds, harmonising and just singing for the joy of singing – la la laaa la la laaa!




Collective Worship


Group 1 Swimming

Indoor PE (PE kit required. Indoor pumps)


Homework packs, completed homework and reading books due in.




Homework set

Spelling test and dictation

Outdoor PE (PE kit and tracksuit required. Trainers)


The MyMaths website provides many Beat the Clock activities that you can use to improve your mental maths skills.

Spelling, reading and times tables practice should be done throughout the week.