Home Page ‘Learning and growing together, rooted in Christ’

5AH Mrs Ashcroft and Mr Hill


Creation - Children will know that there are two stories of Creation in the Book of Genesis. Understand what being made in the image and likeness of God means and the responsibility  to use our God given talents. Know some reasons for praising God creator of the world.

Multi Cultural week- Sikhism

Miracles and sacrament of the sick- Know a number of miracles of Jesus and identify how his actions brought change to people's lives. Know about some places of pilgrimage and prayer for the sick. Understand that the Sacrament of the Sick is an important Celebration for those who are ill.

Parables and sayings of Jesus - Children will know some important Parables and sayings of Jesus. they will understand the Kingdom of God was part of the  language used by Jesus to explain his teachings.

Advent- Preparing for the birth of Jesus and his second coming.



Children study root words and adding a prefix or suffix. From this they will write a short paragraph using these taught words and a range of grammatical techniques including: phrases, clauses, modal verbs and recap on sophisticated connectives. A range of spelling words will be studied including words adding suffixes, to words ending in-fer and -ial. They will also continue with the year 5 list. Children will study a range of parenthesis and use them in their writing. Children will begin writing A quest story set in Saxon times.


Arithmetic will be key at the start of Yr5 and all through this academic year. Children will recap all 4 operations. Children will consolidate place value including decimals. Children will reason using the 4 operations and inverse operation questions. Children will study number properties including square numbers and prime numbers. All through the term, we will solve mathematical puzzles and logic problems. Using the 4 operations, the children will work on fractions and their link to division, decimals and percentages.


Decay -

Computing- E- Safety online including chat rooms and use of mobile phones.



Computer science - Kodu.


The Anglo-Saxons - who they are? where they came from? Timeline of events


Study the style of the French artist Monet. Children will research his life and understand his impressionalist style of paintings. Children replicate his "water lillies painting"


Table tennis and circuit training


Invasion games - netball, football and hockey


.Explore rhythm and pulse and exploring lyrics and melody.