Home Page ‘Learning and growing together, rooted in Christ’

6H Mrs Haines

Hello 6H! Welcome to your new class page. Isn't it fancy? Here you can find out what we're learning about this term in all your subjects. You can also use the links provided to access helpful websites for Maths and English.




Tlot tlot, tlot tlot! Giddy up 6H! We're racing in to the new term with The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. Get ready to show off your acting skills as you perform the poem in small groups. Following this, you will re cap the skills of a newspaper report to re-tell the tragic events and all the goings on in Ye Old Inn Yard.



Place value, x and ÷ including decimals, use of + - x ÷ to solve ‘real life’ problems including money, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio and proportion, handling data, shape and space as well as co-ordinates, working out the perimeter and area of a shape, measures including conversion of one unit to another, properties, pattern and sequences in numbers. Please brush up on your times tables - the quicker you can recall them, the more efficient you will be at using them to solving problems!



This term you will be learning all Classification. Are you an animal lover? Then this is the unit for you! Find out about The Kingdom of Living things (including bacteria and fungi!), biodiversity and endangered animals. As well as learning about threats to our environment and living things, you will be researching an endangered animal of your choice and presenting your findings to the class. Have fun!



Christmas In this unit of work, the children will explore the story of the birth of Christ from the Gospel of St Matthew and St Luke. They will also learn about some images of Christ that are found in the Prologue to the Gospel of St John.



Prayer: You will develop your understanding of prayer as a special way of spending time with God. You will explore the vocabulary, actions, places and aids associated with prayer and practice some meditation.

A very important part of your learning in our school is learning about and practising your faith. You will regularly be invited to be involved in the celebration of Mass and the planning of liturgies.



This November marks 100 years since the end of WW1. To mark the occasion, you will be transported back in time to find out what life was like during WW1.



This term you will be learning about Andy Warhol, a famous pop artist. As well as learning about his life and artistic techniques, you will be using every day food items to create your own pop art, Andy Warhol style!



Get ready to work as a team and are going to be learning volleyball skills. In outdoor PE, get ready for lots of dodging as you learn a variety of invasion games.


Message for parents. Please note: During winter months, it is helpful for your child to bring a plastic carrier bag to pop their shoes into after a muddy PE lesson on the field. Our aim is to get outside for outdoor PE every Friday afternoon, however, in the interest of keeping your child safe, bad weather can sometimes prevent us from using the playground or field. Many thanks for your understanding.



We're linking our music topic to Science this year, and our aim is to recycle (or upcyle!) plastic and other materials to create your own musical instrument. Once created, you will learn about ostinatos and create your very own piece of music!


Design and Technology


This term you will re recycling and up cycling various materials to create your own musical instrument. You will need to create a prototype, design the product, and then evaluate.

Homework and timetable information


10 minutes reading homework

10 minutes times tables


10 minutes reading homework

10 minutes times tables

Homework due

Art/Design and Technology (bring in to school aprons/old shirt)


10 minutes reading homework

10 minutes times tables


10 minutes reading homework

10 minutes times tables

PE Dance/Gymnastics (PE kit or dance kit required. Indoor pumps)


Games (PE kit and tracksuit required. Trainers)

10 minutes reading homework

Spelling homework

Please note:

Children have opportunities to ‘try out’ for different teams or to participate in after school games clubs. It is useful to have kit in school every day.

Maths and English homework is given weekly, on various days. The MyMaths website provides many Beat the Clock activities which the children can use to improve their mental maths skills. Spelling, reading and times tables practice should be done throughout the week.