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Here you will find the work I have set children for their English. 



Monday: 1 hour English

Tuesday: 1 hour English

Wednesday: 1 hour English

Thursday: 1 hour Reading

Friday: 1 hour Reading



Children each have a weekly spelling book, which they can take home and continue using as normal. They can use their exercise book to practise the ‘look,say,cover,write,check’ method to re-visit spelling lists that they have already completed. We have discussed in class the importance of understanding the spelling rule (this is shown at the top of each list). To assist with learning the spelling rules, and not just learning how to spell the words, I have sent a ‘Spelling rules’ booklet home with each child.


The full list of Year 5/6 Spellings can be found:

Children have asked that I continue to read our Class book 'Holes'. If I am able to find away to record myself reading the book, I will upload audio clips to here:
SPAG resources

Punctuation and Grammar.

The links below will take you to carefully made Testbase SATS style questions. The answers have been attached too, so children can mark their work afterwards.



In class, we often use Literacy Shed (an online website) as a stimulus for children’s writing. The children can choose an animation, story starter or still image to write their own suspense story. I have also attached a link to the BBC showing what features to use in a suspense story. In addition to this, children can use Literacy Shed for free writing.

Tongo Lizard

Before the school closure, we began to plan our own Non-Chronological Report all about the Tongo



Children used their imagination to create their own Tongo Lizards. It would be great if you are able to have a go writing a non-chronological report about your Tongo Lizard using all of the skills we have been developing.


- Subjunctive form

- Passive voice

- High-level Punctuation

- Technical vocabulary (those scientific words)

- Facts (even if they are made up!)