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Golden Thread

Our current Golden Thread is a History based one. In Year 6, as with the rest of the school, we are learning all about journeys. 


In Year 6, children are learning that throughout history humans have undertaken journeys to; keep themselves safe, to flee from danger and harm, or to seek a better life for them and their families. We have just finished our first part of the Thread where we learnt all about the journeys Irish immigrants faced when they had to leave Ireland following the Irish Potato Famine. 


The next part of our Thread focuses on WW2 and in particular, the evacuation of children in Britain during this time. Please find work below.

I have been very impressed with your work on Evacuees during WW2!


After WW2 ended, the British Government was keen to encourage people to move there and help to rebuild the country. The government encouraged people from the Caribbean countries promising them a new and better quality of life in Britain.


These people are known as being part of the 'Windrush Generation'. This is our next focus as we look at those who have made journeys for a better life. 


Everything you need can be found in the PDF below.