Home Page ‘Learning and growing together, rooted in Christ’


All our pupils have access to the full 2014 National Curriculum as it stands, differentiated to take into account individual learning needs. We organise learning into termly themes as part of our creative curriculum approach, designed to make learning stimulating, relevant and exciting for all.


Teachers regularly assess and report upon pupil progress in all subject areas, with a particular focus on English and Maths. We hold two parent consultation evenings each year to discuss progress and achievements, and provide a written report at the end of the academic year. Assessments take the form of formal, summative assessments such as non-statutory national curriculum tests and also teacher assessments which are carried out regularly throughout the year. However, the most important aspect of our communication policy is our 'Open Door' ethos. This ensures that staff and parents are in constant contact and can act quickly should there be any issues.


 Children will learn and compete in a range of different sports throughout the year including football, netball, rounders, cross country, cricket, tennis and swimming. There are a number of different sports clubs for the children to join. Sports Day is also held for different phases once a year.


Peripatetic teachers from Solihull Music Service offer tuition in a variety of instruments and they contact parents directly with information about what they offer.


We have designed our own thematic curriculum which is delivered through inspiring and imaginative learning experiences. They are designed to engage children’s imaginations and inspire high quality teaching and learning. Children have opportunities to decide what they would like to learn within each of the three themes that they explore throughout the year. The thematic projects are directly aligned with the Programmes of Study for each year group. They include meaningful, cross-curricular links between Programmes of Study and each subject area and essential skills for each year group. Some programmes of study are taught in discreet lessons.


Above all, we are committed to providing our pupils at Our Lady of the Wayside Catholic Primary School with a learning experience which stimulates and inspires them whilst preparing them for life outside school. We aim to develop pupils as true lifelong learners, hungry for knowledge and understanding, and skilled in transferring learning skills into a wide range of areas.