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Roman Numerals 20.4.20

In Year 3 we learn about Roman Numerals. Roman Numerals are the way the Romans wrote numbers using 7 different letters instead of Numbers.  I have attached 4 Powerpoints for you look at that explain all about them. You often find Roman Numerals after the names of Kings, e.g. Henry V = Henry the fifth or Henry VIII = Henry the eight. If you watch a film or T.V programme then at the end you often see the date it was made written in Roman Numerals. Also some analogue clocks use Roman Numerals instead of numbers to show the time.

There are some worksheets that you can try. You not need to do all them perhaps Task 1 and Task 2 and one of the challenges if you fancy it. Its up to you.


Miss Yarnold


Tomorrow, I will add some work on telling the time.