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Miss Pitman's Maths Group

Maths School Closure Pack


You will find all you need for Miss Pitman's Maths Group below. 


If your child is in Group 2 (Mrs Goode's intervention group), they will have been given a paper copy of their work. Whilst they are free to also complete the work I am setting online, it is not at all compulsory for them to do so.


Daily tasks will be set for the children which will be uploaded weekly; these are compulsory to complete. A range of resources will be used which you will be able to access through the PDF document which will be uploaded at the beginning of each week. 


I know many children love to go above and beyond with their learning, so below please find a useful document which has all of the websites and online resources which will help your child with their Maths.



Week 1 Maths Pack:
Week 2 Maths Pack

Week 3/4 (Easter Holidays)

Week 5 Maths Pack

Task 1:

Have a look at the Arithmetic below - can you work out the mistakes that this person has made? Correct the answers and see if you can work out what mistake the person has made.

(It has been brought to my attention that there is an error in the mark scheme for Volume of Cuboids on Q6 and Q9 - there are only 1 pair of shapes which will give you the correct answer. Apologies for this!)
A few children have emailed to ask for some more work to help them around this topic so please find below:
Week 6 Maths Pack

Week 8 Maths

Some problem solving tasks for you to have a go at this week!


Year 6 Maths Challenge cards: Pick 2 to complete each day.
Week 10 Maths: (w/c 1st June)

This week I would like you to do some work on statistics (data handling).


We will look at finding the mean of data.

To begin, have a read through to remind yourself how to calculate a mean. You may also find handy (only watch the Mean section).

Over this week, I would also like you to have a go at these Arithmetic and Reasoning papers. 

Do not worry about the time limit - take as long as you need.

I would then like you to mark your own answers using the Mark Scheme. Highlight areas of maths where you feel you need more help. Use some of the resources used at the top of the list (plus your revision guides) to have another look over any topics you want to revise.