Home Page ‘Learning and growing together, rooted in Christ’

Mrs Compton, Mrs Sallis & Mrs Cunnane

Welcome to Year 1!

Class 1CS Teachers: Mrs Cunnane, Mrs Sallis & Mrs Best

Class 1C Teacher: Mrs Compton

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Meeson, Mrs Treacy and Mrs Devlia


Dear Year One Parents,


Please find in the homework section the Year One Learning outcomes and links to some online resources which you can explore with your child.


Having read many articles here are some tips for teaching your child at home:

  • Family Meeting: Talk to your child about the coming weeks, find out how they would like to learn, what they enjoy doing and what they find tricky in school. Make a plan together.
  • Schedule: This is not going to be the same as at school but try to build in some structure which includes time for learning/you working, exercising, eating and socialising (even if in isolation you can FaceTime your friends)!
  • School support: this pack contains some information however school will continue to support learning remotely to the best of our ability.
  • Learning environment: maybe writing at the kitchen table, reading on the sofa, science in the kitchen, exercise in-front of the TV (Go Noodle/ 5-a-day TV on YouTube), geography/science in the garden, etc. Changing environment will keep things interesting.
  • Incentives: at school we use house-points, so why not carry on this tradition and award your child house-points for working hard and staying focused and then a bigger incentive of their choosing if they secure 10 house-points!
  • Take breaks: throughout the school day we encourage lots of breaks, children normally have an attention span of their age +2 minutes (5-6 years olds = 7-8 minutes!) so little and often is the best approach.
  • Make it fun: You can follow your child/ children’s interests, for example if they love cooking they could read the recipe, measure out the ingredients, create a menu for lunch and write down your family’s order. Lots of maths, English and social skills developed while having lots of fun!
  • Review-Revise-Reward: review with your child how things are going, revise how you could make the learning experience even better and reward yourselves for all of your hard work!


Despite the difficulty of this situation one positive thing to hold onto is that we get additional time to spend with our families and children, retreating to our homes can enable us to further develop our family bonds and our relationship with God.