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Mrs Cunnane and Mrs Thomas

Goodbye Mrs Sallis!

Goodbye Mrs Sallis! 1 Goodbye Mrs Sallis.

Theme -Our Autumn Term theme is Ancient Egypt. We will focus on Egyptian Gods, food, hieroglyphics and mummification. We will also study artefacts and learn about how we know so much about this ancient civilisation. Later in the term we will enjoy an Ancient Egyptian day when you can come dressed as an Egyptian or a mummy! 

English - Myths, poetry and a narrative linked to our science topic about the states of  matter. 

History - children will learn about the life of the Ancient Egyptians.

R.E- We start the Autumn term learning about key people and events from the Old Testament including Abraham, Isaac and Joseph. We then move on to Joseph, his brothers and Moses. Our faith week is centred around Hinduism and later in the term we prepare for Christmas with a unit on Advent.

Art/ D & T- We start the term learning how to draw a portrait. This term's artist study  is Paul Klee. We also learn how to draw like an Egyptian. 

Geography - The River Nile and its importance for the civilisation at the time. Locating Egypt on a map, the continents of the world and the Red Sea. 

Music -Children will learn how to play a brass instrument and explore rhythm and pitch. 

Science - The states of matter. 

Basic Skills - Each morning children will practice their handwriting, spellings and times tables.

Welcome to Year 4!