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Mrs Hayes and Mrs Forsyth

Welcome to Reception

Our team are :

  • Mrs E Hayes (Red Group: Foxes and Owls)
  • Mrs V Forsyth (Blue Group: Badgers and Hedgehogs)
  • Mrs P Hegarty, Mrs J Sweeney, Miss J Bell, Mr G Girling, Miss J Searles, Miss H Powers and Mrs A O'Connor



Friday 25th September: INSET DAY: School closed for pupils.

Thursday 1st October: National Poetry Day. This year's theme is 'VISION'.

Friday 23rd October: End of Autumn Term 1.


Monday 2nd November: Return to school! First day of Autumn Term 2. 

Thursday 24th September 2020


Good evening all!

Well, we've now completed our second week of BIG school and, this evening, your child/ren brought home their very first 'reading pack'. We do hope that you enjoy its activities!

Please note that there is NO expectation for your child/ren to READ their chosen library books - these are merely intended for you to share with your child/ren - we only ask that you support your child/ren in 'telling the story' depicted in the book without words and introduce the main characters featured in the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme: Dad, Mum, Chip, Biff, Kipper and Floppy the dog.

We've also included the graphemes 's', 'a', 't', 'p', 'i' and 'n'. Our plan, at the end of last week, was to introduce all these sounds by the end of this week but, owing to so many exciting distractions, we are currently only really familiar with 's', 'a' and 't'. Please cut up these graphemes into individual sounds and encourage your child/ren to put them together to form words. We're confident that they'll be able to produce the words 'as', 'at' and 'sat'.


We respectfully request that all Reading Packs are returned to school on MONDAY MORNING of each week. Due to the present COVID-19 pandemic, this affords us the opportunity to quarantine our books for the recommended 72 hours before they are reassigned to another household.

Many thanks for your anticipated support in this respect. 


If you would like to observe the way we teach phonics, please click on one, or all, of the following links:






Throughout this week, we have been continuing our learning about Creation. We visited our school's field to look for things that God created and listened to the Bible story of 'Noah's Ark' - we began to wonder, due to the inclement weather we've experienced during the past couple of days, whether we were heading for another flood! but then we remembered God's promise to never flood the world again - and we've enjoyed putting animals together, two by two.


Next week, we will be learning the new sounds 'p', 'i' and 'n' and investigating the 'threeness' of three! In order to support and enhance the children's learning and understanding, we will be hearing the story of 'The 3 Little Pigs' and 'Goldilocks and the three bears'; and we're presently adapting our role play areas to incorporate these themes. 


TOMORROW, FRIDAY 25th SEPTEMBER, is an INSET DAY and school will be closed for pupils.


Many thanks for your continued support, wishing you all a peaceful and restful LONG weekend!

Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday morning - WITH YOUR READING PACKS!


Goodnight and God bless,


The Reception Team





Our second week at BIG school!

18th September 2020


A very good evening to you all!


On Monday morning we welcomed our new Reception children from OLOW Nursery and Pre-School and we're delighted to report that they all settled into the routines of BIG SCHOOL life with ease.

Additionally, they all appear to be highly motivated, enthusiastic and eager to learn. This is exactly what we had hoped for and, as they have only required the bare minimum of support with regards separating from yourselves at the start of the school day, we have already begun to learn our sounds and letters. WOW!


Yesterday morning, we were introduced to the 's' sound and next week we will meet the new sounds, 'a', 't', 'p' and 'i'.


On the evening of Thursday 24th September, we will send home your child/ren's first Reading Pack. The pack will contain a story book - without words - with which we will be asking you to support your child/ren to use pictorial clues to 'tell' the story; a 'library' book for you to share with your child/ren and a letter formation worksheet. We hope you enjoy all of your child/ren's Reading Pack activities; also included will be a Reading Diary for you to provide your feedback and comments.


Reading Packs will subsequently be issued every Thursday evening and MUST be returned to school EVERY MONDAY MORNING. Owing to our current unprecedented times, we will need 72 hours to quarantine any books that have left our site before being issued to another 'family bubble' and this timescale affords us the opportunity to adhere to current government and medical guidance.

Many thanks in anticipation of your understanding and support for this venture.


This evening, you will have received a letter requesting that, until the end of Autumn Term 1, ALL children arrive at school between 08:15 and 08:45. Again, this request is largely due to the fact that your children have settled into the routines of school life so readily, and we would like to capitalize upon this by beginning our 'formal teaching' before 09:00, but should this request cause you any inconvenience, please DO speak with either Mrs Lloyd (at the gate every morning) or one of us. We'll sort it!


Finally, just a BIG THANK YOU from us all. Your children have been AMAZING this week and we can't wait to see them all next week!


Wishing you all a peaceful and restful weekend.


The Reception Team.


Our first FULL WEEK at BIG school!

11th September 2020


Good evening all!

Well... your children... just HOW BRAVE were they on Thursday morning!?

We're sure that you're exactly as proud of them as we are regarding their ability to separate from yourselves and to be left with, let's face it, a bunch of strangers!

They've all been absolute stars and it's all due to your support, care, preparation and understanding. We couldn't have done it without you and we would like to take this opportunity to express our most sincere gratitude.

Despite the restrictions currently imposed upon us owing to COVID-19, your children have all settled into the routines of school life with apparent ease and appear to be happy and enthusiastic about their learning.

Long may it continue!

We already have 37 children in attendance and can't wait to welcome the remaining 23 on Monday morning!

Wishing you all a peaceful and restful weekend.

The Reception Team

Our first two days at BIG school!

4th September 2020


A BIG HELLO and a very warm welcome to all our new Reception children and their parents!

We can't WAIT to meet you! We're going to have SO MUCH FUN!!!


NEW PARENTS: Just for clarification, we are expecting the children who attended either OLOW NURSERY or PRE-SCHOOL during 2020 to start on MONDAY 14th SEPTEMBER at any time between 09:15 and 09:45 and all children from other settings to start on THURSDAY 10th SEPTEMBER at any time between 09:15 and 09:45.


From their second day onwards - until the end of Autumn Term 1 - your child/ren can arrive at school at EITHER 08:15 OR 09:00.


PLEASE NOTE that the 'normal' start of the school day is between 08:45 and 08:55. The playground gates are, during 'normal' times, opened at 08:30 - when there is appropriate adult supervision - and our present earlier start times will be reviewed and possibly amended by our school's governors and the Senior Leadership Team towards the end of Autumn Term. Their decision will, of course, be informed by government guidance at that time and the potential infection rate of COVID-19.


Thank you for your support, understanding and patience during these unprecedented times.


The Reception Team 



Link to YouTube for NEW and existing Reception children and their parents.


We did this in 'one take' and we think you'll be able to tell!

Just to put 'faces to names', from left to right: Mrs Hegarty, Mrs Sweeney, Mrs Forsyth, Mrs Hayes.


Wishing you all a fabulous Summer and looking forward to seeing you in September! XXXX


Curriculum Map: Autumn Term 1

Curriculum Meeting: 03/10/2019

New Parents' ppt