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Mrs Hayes and Mrs Forsyth

Welcome to Reception

Our team are :

  • Mrs E Hayes (Red Group: Foxes and Owls)
  • Mrs V Forsyth (Blue Group: Badgers and Hedgehogs)
  • Mrs P Hegarty, Mrs J Sweeney, Miss J Bell, Mr G Girling, Miss J Searles, Miss H Powers and Mrs A O'Connor

Remote Learning Timetable: W/C: 18th January 2021


During this - is it our third??? - lockdown, both Twinkl and PhonicsPlay have kindly offered all parents FREE ACCESS to their, quite frankly, EXCELLENT bank of resources. Please, please, PLEASE take full advantage of their most kind and generous gesture.




Friday 15th January 2021


Good evening all! We hope you're all safe, well and WARM!


It's been lovely to be able to see you all this week, one way or another, and we'd like to say a big THANK YOU to your moms and dads for all their technological 'know how' and, especially, for their patience and understanding regarding the current difficulties we've been encountering during our adaption to 'remote learning'.


Remote Learning will never be able to replicate the holistic learning and socialisation best suited to an Early Years enabling environment but, for the sake of us all, for a short time, it's the best that we are able to offer.


Please rest assured that the children of 'key workers' - ie: the children currently attending school - have no advantage over the children who are 'home-schooling'; all of the activities that we are currently exploring and investigating in the classroom have been uploaded to our MSTeams site for you and your child's perusal.


Parents: We completely understand and empathise with your frustrations regarding the obstacles we are facing re: sharing our daily phonics sessions. Please know that we are trying our very best to resolve the current issues we have been encountering. Whilst we continue to endeavour to remedy these difficulties, however, if you would like to observe the way we teach phonics, please click on one, or all, of the following links:


Phonics Lesson 43 ‘th’ (Part 1)

Phonics Lesson 43 ‘th’ (Part 2)

Phonics Lesson 44 ‘ng’ (Part 1)

Phonics Lesson 44 ‘ng’ (Part2)

Phonics Lesson 45 (Part 1) consolidation Lesson 45 (part 1)- Reception - YouTube

Phonics Lesson 45 (Part 2) consolidation Lesson 45 (part 2) - Reception - YouTube

Phonics Lesson 46 review and practise blending Lesson 46 - Reception - YouTube

Phonics Lesson 47 review and practise blending Lesson 47 - Reception - YouTube

Phonics Lesson 48 review and practise blending Lesson 48 - Reception - YouTube

Phonics Lesson 49 review and practise blending Lesson 49 - Reception - YouTube

Phonics Lesson 50 review Lesson 50 - Reception - YouTube


In order to allow our 'home learners' adequate time to access these tutorials, during the week commencing 18th January, we will deliver only TWO more phonics sessions: 'oa' and 'oo'/'oo'. ('oo' has both a long and a short sound: as heard in 'boot' and 'book'.) 


Additionally, to support and enhance our understanding of phonics, we will continue to send home 'Reading Packs' every Thursday afternoon. THURSDAY 14th JANUARY's PACK should be returned to THE AREA OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL OFFICE on MONDAY 18th JANUARY in order to afford us a 72 hours quarantine period before our books can be safely re-allocated on THURSDAY 21st JANUARY.

If our books aren't returned, we won't have enough books to issue to our friends.

Many thanks for your support in this respect.


This week, we have sent out a 'Consent Form' to your parents to upload their access to Evidence Me.This is an app they can access via their phone to submit evidence of your achievements at home. It's far more 'activity based' than 'work sheet' driven and, as such, is far better suited to the EYFS curriculum.

If you haven't yet received a consent form, please find a link to a printable copy below this weekly update.


Throughout this week, we have collated a variety of supporting activities for you to explore whilst you are at home. These can be accessed via MSTeams and, fingers crossed, Evidence Me. We hope you enjoy all the activities. Please 'Show and Share' next week.


You should have, already, received a link for you to watch our Reception liturgy; if not, here it is: 

We're sure you're going to love it!


Please stay safe, stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.


Goodnight and God bless, 


The Reception Team

'EvidenceMe' Consent Letter


'It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...'

Week commencing: 09.11.2020

Final week of Autumn Term 1:

Week 5!: W/C: 12th October 2020!

Week 4! W/C: 05.10.2020: WE MET DOGS!

Week 3! W/C: 28.09.20

Our second week at BIG school!

Our first FULL WEEK at BIG school!

Our first two days at BIG school!



Link to YouTube for NEW and existing Reception children and their parents.


We did this in 'one take' and we think you'll be able to tell!

Just to put 'faces to names', from left to right: Mrs Hegarty, Mrs Sweeney, Mrs Forsyth, Mrs Hayes.


Wishing you all a fabulous Summer and looking forward to seeing you in September! XXXX


Curriculum Map: Spring Term 2021

New Parents' ppt