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News Updates 8/6/20



Regan's broken his humorous!
Regan striking an acro pose!
Regan getting ready to fly...
BBQ time! (Before broken arm!)
Taedy's wonderful descriptive writing!
A Cinnabar moth in Mrs Crawford's front garden

News updates 1/6/20

Breaking News... LIAM IS A BIG BROTHER!


Congratulations to Liam, Mummy and Daddy on the birth of

Saoirse and Skye Ritchie heart

and happy birthday to Liam for next week laugh





Eloise's nanny bought her a robot making kit
Hey presto!  Eloise made a robot!
Will has been making cups of tea!
He has been out on the sand
Er, Will, blue creatures behind you!
Will taking aim at big sister Chloe
Have you been winning at chess Will?
Dominic's pupa are transforming...
Looks like we have a butterfly
Wow, Dominic, that's beautiful!

Shuchi has been a busy bee at home. She has been learning using our suggested websites but she has found time to be creative. Look at this watercolour painting of the night sky: 

Evie-May's pug pup might not be big enough to go to his forever home yet but look at those sunflowers! Great work Evie.

News updates for w/c 11/5/20


  • Hugo wanted to share his love of fitness with you all and if you look below, you can see that he is even better than Joe Wicks! He has also been reading lots and he is currently reading 'Grandpa's Great Escape' by David Walliams.
  • Lilly has been busy learning about evacuees.  She has shared some links below if you would like to watch these very interesting YouTube videos on the subject. She is also planning to celebrate Jack's 1st birthday laugh on Sunday and he has a cake and a very exciting present (it begins with a 't' and you can crawl through it - shhh... in case he hears you!) Lilly has also been riding her bike.


  • Noah has had his haircut!  It took a very long time, but he thinks his dad has done a great job yes Noah has also been celebrating 'Fun day Friday!'.  This is where Noah's mum becomes a sweet shop assistant for the day and hands out lovely sweets like sherbert space ships and strawberry laces cheeky
  • Harriet has become the 'times table queen' after improving her score to 58 on Beat the Clock!  She has been taking part in 'virtual karate' too yes Harriet is still enjoying her non-fiction book 'Animals' by Ben Hoare and her new favourite animal is a platypus (Tom M might agree with this wink)
  • Taedy has gone for a fiction genre and recommends 'Slime' by David Walliams and the 'Fudge' series by Judy Blume.  He has invented a great game called 'Dodgeball Tig' with his siblings and he is still trampolining!
  • Tom M has also been fascinated by VE Day. He has been discovering more about his great nan who was in the Land Army.  He is now researching VJ Day.  Tom recommends 'The Beast of Buckingham Palace' by David Walliams and he has become an expert with the leaf blower surprise
  • Evie-May won Trivial Pursuit!  She IS DEFINITELY getting a Pug (See picture below )  and her plants (see below for pictures from earlier news) are now about 3/4 of an Evie tall.
  • Paige is also still trampolining, 'shooting hoops', going for long walks and making yummy cakes. She is just about to start reading 'George's Marvellous Medicine' by Roald Dahl.
  • Isabelle has celebrated Purdy's 1st birthday! She is still reading 'Evie and the animals' as well as 'Charlie changes into a chicken' and ' The one and only Ivan' from our class book selection. She has also created a poem about a hedgehog and is also making yummy cakes. 
  • Tom B really enjoyed a 'birthday zoom' with his friends at the end of April.  He had a picnic on the front lawn for VE Day and he is currently reading some of Liz Pichon's 'Tom Gates' series.
  • Dominic has been doing lots of MyMaths, English, Science, Beat the clocks, playing keyboard, learning about shape, nurturing caterpillars and looking after his guinea pigs Ginger and Princess (She's the boss!).
  • Sophie really enjoyed celebrating VE Day, is plannign to read Evie and the animals and she has her very own rainbow leg warmers to wear while she is celebrating the NHS!
  • Ava M has been baking, waving at Isabelle as she has been walking the dog and at one point had to hold Isabelle's dog while she was speaking to Mrs Crawford! Well done Ava!


Dominic's caterpillar family are growing and changing every day...

Hugo showing Joe Wicks how it should be done!

Sophie has been baking some delicious banana cakes!

Lilly loved her VE Day learning so much that she created her own fabulous Letter from an evacuee!

Isabelle loves hedgehogs so she drew this lovely fellow!

Party planner Issy, has been busy making bunting ready for VE Day celebrations!

Our history correspondent Lilly has been keeping us up to date with VE Day news...

Budding artist and sculptor Shuchi has been busy creating pieces influenced by Catholic symbolism and Hindu iconography...

Noah, our class activist, has written to the Prime Minister. He hopes that you will join in by writing your own letters of persuasion.







Dominic is joining Noah in persuading our Prime Minister to TAKE ACTION!


Introducing Noah da Vinci! I'm sure we all remember how much Noah likes art. Well, he has been keeping himself busy flexing his creative muscles and drawing some superb pictures of animals. Wow! Keep it up Noah!


Evie, Evie, how does your garden grow? 

Our green-fingered Evie-May has been busy growing sunflowers, beetroot, basil, lettuce and forget-me-nots.

Look at the size of those sunflowers already! Keep the pictures coming, Evie-May, so we can see how your plants are getting on. 


Lilly Van Gogh has been creating masterpieces too!

What a lovely picture, showing Jesus rising again on Easter morning. Easter reminds us that no matter how dark the road may seem, there always lies light at the end of it. An important message for us all at the moment.

Thank you, Lilly, for using your talents to give us a beautiful opportunity to reflect and to hope...





Our very own Jacob Wordsworth has penned this beautiful poem while he has been at home.  Can you find examples of contrasting adjectives? Wonderful technique Jacob!



And here he is looking very happy with his little brother and sisters (The girls) heart 


In other weekly news...


  • Issy has been playing cricket and making the most delicious Mars Crispie Cakes wink
  • Tom M has been camping in his lounge, watching a Robin's nest with two chicks hatching, planning a 'Race Around Britain' fundraising event with his family and eating jam sandwiches with cheese on frown
  • Harriet has been reading 1000s of facts about animals and practising her knowledge of Biomes and she made a fantastic discovery when she found a beautiful pocket watch that she had been given for her First Holy Communion that she didn't even know she had surprise
  • Sophie has been baking lemon cake, banana loaf, reading lots of books and shooting some hoops laugh
  • Paige has been trampolining, going for big walks, colouring (how unusual Paige!), baking and shooting hoops too! laugh
  • Taedy has been learning Spanish, playing in the garden trying (not) to teach his siblings how to climb trees as well as playing football and being a great big brother angel
  • Ruby has been making sushi, trying to stop her big brother scoring goals, baking flapjacks and fairy cakes and running to keep healthy cheeky
  • Dominic has been working exceptionally hard on his handwriting, maths, and story writing - AND making Lego creations. What a star Dominic! cool
  • Evie-May has been watching Disney Plus, growing lots of plants, trampolining and going for walks to keep fit and healthy laugh
  • Liam has been watching lots of SpongeBob and Marvel, practising his maths and he vacuumed his room! angel