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Reading and Phonic Schemes

Our Lady of the Wayside School - Reading and Phonics


Our core reading scheme here at Our Lady of the Wayside School is Oxford Reading Tree, although this is supported by other published reading and phonics schemes including:


  • Floppy’s Phonics (an Oxford Press publication),
  • Songbirds (an Oxford Press publication),
  • Pelican Guided Reading Scheme (Pearsons publication),
  • Lighthouse Scheme (Ginn publication),
  • Four Corners Non-Fiction (Pearsons publication),
  • Ginn 360 and Ginn All Aboard,
  • Read, Write, Inc.


In Our Lady of the Wayside School our approach to teaching reading is varied: the children are involved in regular guided reading sessions where the text is discussed and children’s understanding checked, differentiated phonic groups and the hearing of children read individually. We also have home/school reading diary and we encourage parents to support their children’s reading at home.


Teaching of Phonics

 The phonics method of reading and spelling is taught to pupils in both Early and Lower Phase  (in accordance with the Letters and Sounds programme) and as an intervention strategy to specific children in Middle and Upper Phase. The Letters and Sounds programme outlines an order of learning the letters which is not in alphabetical order. The children will start with the letters (graphemes) “s, a, t, p, i, n” as these six letters can be used to make numerous three letter words, thus allowing children to read and spell some simple words very quickly. It is important to note that as well as learning the names of letters of the alphabet, children need to know the sounds (phonemes) the letters make in words as this is the basis of a phonetic approach. As children move through the programme they will begin to use two (diagraphs) or more letters to represent one sound. In addition to the ‘Letter and Sound’ programme we use a published scheme called Jolly Phonics. Jolly Phonics is a well-established and successful phonic scheme and children enjoy the multi-sensory nature of this programme.


Each year we offer parents an opportunity to attend an information session to find out more about the teaching of reading and phonics at Our Lady of the Wayside.


 Please visit our parent section to find additional guidance about the teaching of phonics and reading.