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Here you will find the work I would like children to complete in regards to their reading. All children had the option, and were encouraged, to take out 3 books from the Library.


OLWS Book Project


In Middle and Upper Phase, we thought it would be nice for the children to create a Book Project. They can pick one of the books they have from our Library here at school or another book at home if they wish.


Mrs Upton has created a brilliant example of what the Project could look like. You are able to create a PowerPoint or write your report by hand. It really is up to you how you would like to present your Project.

Year 6 Reading Comprehensions 


Being in Year 6, it is also important that children are continuing to develop and apply their reading skills. Year 6 comprehension tasks will be uploaded on to the page below. Children will need to write out their answers into their workbooks - a mark scheme will be available for children to self-mark their work. Links to support their learning will be posted.

The Park Reading Comprehension (Expected Standard)


Rain and Rain in the Summer Comprehension (Challenging)

60-Second Reads

These 60-second reads provide short texts for children to read. The questions are designed to target the specific skills expected in Year 6.

- Summarising

- Inference

- Retrieval

- Predicting

- Vocabulary

- Author Intent

- Commentating


An answer sheet is provided on the second page of each PDF. Pick the reads that you think you may be interested in.