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Remote Learning

Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd



Golden Thread Learning


Please do the following Golden Thread learning before Thursday


At home, look around at your surroundings, your homes and your lives and choose 5 aspects or objects in your lives that have a link with the Industrial Revolution.

We have spoken at some length about how it impacted people's lives then and have learnt about some of the technology that was part of the revolution, like the invention of steam power and the use of fossil fuels etc.  Some of this touched on the link to modern life.  It would be useful for you all to write a short paragraph on how each of those 5 aspects of or objects in your lives are linked to the industrial revolution.  


For Example

A book
A book is produced in a factory using various printers and paper making machines.  These machines work by using electricity,  which is often made from burning fossil fuels: a process that was utilised in the industrial revolution to harness the power of steam to drive turbines to make machines like printers work. 

A car.
A car runs on petrol: a fuel that comes from the ground. The burning of petrol is extremely polluting so fills the air with greenhouse gases. At the time of the Industrial Revolution, so many fossil fuels were burnt that the air was often filled with an acrid smoke which polluted the air, just as car exhaust fumes do now.  


Maths Lessons Week 2

Follow the lesson slides above and try the worksheets below

Another Arithmetic Paper

More Number Countdowns

English Week 2

Keep learning your 3&4 Spellings from Week 1. If you feel confident with all of them, move on to the 5&6 spellings. 


Keep looking at the Word of the Day PowerPoint and use each word in a sentence - make sure you know what it means and what word class the word belongs to. Do you know the synonyms? Can you remember the word pairs? 


Have you written a description of a character yet? Do that this week ready to bring in on Wednesday. 

Can you include interesting adjectives? Have you tried out an 'ad, same ad' sentence? Have you tried to draw the reader in with 'Show not tell' ? Have you made the reader wonder about something like we wondered about Harry Potter's glasses? How do they speak? How do they move? 


If you have done all of the above, create and describe a new character - one who will be somehow involved with the first character you described. Perhaps they are being bullied by them? Fighting them? Friends or family members? Their teacher? It's up to you. The main thing is that you make the read WANT to read on and ask questions about your character. 


Use the Characters from Literature Powerpoint from Week 1 to give you ideas about really good character descriptions.  


Are you reading your own book? You should be giving yourself time to explore a book every day - for at least 30mins. Then choose some of the Reading Activities from Week 1 to answer. See my PowerPoint on George's Marvellous Medicine for ideas. 


Have you had a go at the comprehensions in Week 1? Try them this week if not. If you have done them, we have added a Skimming and Scanning Activity below about Badgers. You were practising your skimming and scanning skills last week in school so this will give you another opportunity to do this. 


If you complete this work and you are looking for a new challenge, check out the Poetry document - we have added lots of poems, old and new, for you to look at. Read them out loud, choose your favourite and then create a performance for your poem. Can you learn it off by heart? 

Poetry Challenge