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'SATS' Week activities

Week Commencing 11th May


Hello 6P,


I won't say it too loudly, but this week it would have been SATS week. At OLW School, you know that there are SO many other things which define you which are NOT your SATS results. I know some of you are disappointed that SATS are not going ahead, whilst others (include myself) feel a sense of relief. Either way, we have been given an opportunity to learn new things.


If we were to be in school this week, we would have had LOTS of fun activities planned for the afternoons. So below please find a list of activities I would like you to have a go at this week. No 'formal' work will be set but you are welcome to access resources off of the class pages if you wish.


Parents - Remember, this is home learning not home schooling. As a school, we really want to stress the point that no child is going to be left behind. As teachers, it is our job to pick up at the point we left off when school resumes. The last thing I want is for parents to be worrying about balancing this unprecedented situation, looking after family members, working and 'home schooling' on top of that. 



  1. Create your own musical instrument.
  2. Draw a picture without looking at the page. Try a self-portrait!
  3. Go through some old family pictures and see if you can put them in chronological order.
  4. Bake something (there are plenty of recipes on our class page).
  5. Create a fitness routine and see if you can motivate your family members to join in.
  6. What's the most interesting thing you can make out of an old sock?
  7. Create your own wordsearch using the names of children in our class.
  8. What would your dream house look like? Can you draw it or, even better, create a model of it?
  9. Write some notes of positivity to give to family or neighbours.
  10. Create a marble run. Can you roll something like a ball, or marble (or tomato?) down a path with twists and turns?
  11. Make a card tower. If you don't like playing cards use some old birthday cards.
  12. Create your own language. What words are most important? (My sister and I loved doing this when we were younger! We used to use it as a secret language.)
  13. Make a poster to cheer the neighbours up.
  14. Lip sync to your all-time favourite song. Practice in the mirror and see if you can fool your parents.
  15. Try not to speak for a whole day. Think about how deaf people may communicate with others.
  16. Make a tower. I don't care what it is out of but how tall can you make it!?
  17. Make up your own dance routine.
  18. Learn a skill from a family member. How to use the washing machine? How to cook a meal? Ironing (if very careful!)
  19. Create some sort of teddy transport. 
  20. Create a chill zone. It may be a place where you read a book or listen to music. Use blankets, cushions and anything else that may make it cosy for you.


As always, email me over pictures and I can add them to our gallery.


If you fancy a little more of a challenge look at the document below! (My Maths' group are welcome to also have a go.)


Miss Pitman