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Week 2 English (w/c 30th March)

Week 2 English


Hi all, I hope you are enjoying having time at home. Remember that this is hard on your parents too so I hope you are all being very helpful around the house. It is great to see so many of you putting yourself in charge of your learning at home!


You will find this week's work below.


I would like you to continue with your spellings and selecting areas of SPAG where you feel you need more confidence. On the previous page, I have uploaded lots of helpful PowerPoints for you to use to help you with your SPAG. Each PowerPoint has a few questions on their last few slides - please answer these in your work books. I'd expect children to be revising 3 areas of SPAG this week.


This week's work:


This week, I would like all of you to complete the Tongo Lizard Non-Chronological report we were supposed to be doing in school. I know some of you may have started this last week so this week will give you a chance to view my mark scheme and improve your work.


Below you will find all of the resources which will help you. Make sure you look through all of them before attempting to write your own.


When you have completed this work, you must email your final report to me to have a look at. You can email this to me by using the School Office's Email address: (You will need to put 'FWD to Miss Pitman' as the subject). I look forward to seeing all of your amazing work!


(N.b. resources for this work will not be uploaded until Sunday evening)

Revise what exactly a non-chronological report and the skills you will need to include to create a brilliant one. A steps to success is included on the final page. 
Have a look at my Class Teacher Model.

Sadly, all your hard work and planning so far will have been left at school. You may wish to, at this point, draw a new picture of your Tongo Lizard. Don't forget to 'label' the features of your Tongo Lizard.


REMEMBER, YOUR TONOGO LIZARD MUST BE REALISTIC!  e.g. not magical or 100m tall. 


Once you have done this, you can begin planning your Tongo Lizard Report. Use the plan below. Look at the technical vocabulary list - magpie pinch lots of these words (they will make your writing much better). 

Below, is the exact success criteria I will be marking your work against. You should look to include all of these features. If you are putting a cross into the box after writing up your work, this is not good enough! I would like to see ticks in all of the boxes. 


Remember with passive voice: keep it simple.

1) Once you've created your plan, have a go at writing up a draft.


2) Then, you can write up your final, neat Tongo Lizard Report.


3) Self-assess your own work against the Success Criteria.


4) Peer-assess your work. Ask a parent or a sibling to do this.


5) Email it to me! I am so excited to read some of your reports. You have put so much hard work into this term.