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Week 6 English (w/c 27th April)


I'm glad to hear lots of you are keeping up your spelling at home - well done!

Here is a 20 word Y6 spelling test for you to have a go at. You will have to ask a parent or family member to read the words out to you.

You have been doing a lot of writing recently so for English this week, I would like you to have look on the Youtube Channel 'English with Holly'. Thank you Connie (well, to your mum) for sharing this great resource with me.


If you are able to access Facebook (from your parents' or sibling's account) she does daily live lessons and has a lot more content available on there. 


She is an English teacher who has created some great resources for children. Each lesson is 30 mins and I would like you to try and complete at least 2. It is up to you which videos you would like to watch but make sure they are suitable for KS2 (KS3 would be a challenge for those of you pushing beyond greater depth).