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Week 8 English (w/c 18th May)

This week, I would like you to complete the tasks below. Please see my example.

1) If I were to suddenly grow wings I would feel perplexed. I would be very baffled as to why these two giant feathered things had sprouted from my sides. Once I'd got over my initial shock, I would try them out! I would fly as high as I possibly could; higher than the tallest mountain. I would feel on-top-of-the-world (quite literally) and take in the world around me with pure amazement. 

2) The word slump, in this context, is used to describe the movement of the narrator's shoulders. Slump means their shoulders have fallen heavily - almost as if there was a very heavy weight put upon them.

3) Dream, angel and free are all words which indicate happiness and joy.

4) An idiom is an expression or phrase which means something different from it's literate form. 'Stood tall' in this poem, is used to describe that the narrator was stood bravely in a confident way.

5) I think the narrator will fly away. I believe this because in the first sentence, they say, 'dream of escaping'. This would suggest that the narrator is not happy where they currently are.