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5E Miss Ebbutt

Welcome to our 5E page! Here you can see what we are currectly learning about, in class. 

This half-term (Summer 2023 Term 1) your child will learn about:


Easter and Pentecost:

In the unit of Easter, the children learn about the Easter season, with a focus on the Easter vigil. We also focus on the ascension of Jesus in the Easter story.


In the unit of Pentecost, we look at the coming of the Holy spirit, through the lens of the church. We also explore the Holy Trinity and devotion to prayer.



During the topic of fantasy, children learn how to engage their readers by writing mythical stories. We start by focussing on the famous tale of ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.’


Geometry - shape, position and direction:

Whilst looking at shape, children explore regular and irregular polygons, as well as angles 2D and 3D shapes.


Position and direction allow the children to learn about symmetry, translation and co-ordinates.  


Life cycles:

Pupils will revisit the life cycles of plants and learn about pollination.

We also look at the life cycles of amphibians, insects and mammals, whilst comparing them.


Our geography unit was taught in term 1.


Our history unit was taught in term 2.


Me and my world:

Learning about how to be a contributing citizen within our society.

Understanding the work that charities, such as CAFOD, carry out.


Music was taught in terms 1 and 2.



A unit based on strategy and teamwork. Children work together to strategically consider how to perform the best in team games.



Competing in solo sports but still being a part of a bigger team.  


Every picture tells a story:

Looking at the meaning and messages behind art. We focus on analysing the work of Banksy, Rorschach and Magdalene Odundo.

Design and Technology


Understanding how electrical systems work and beginning to build simple electrical circuits.


3D design skills:

We will be looking at Binary code and how it used, for the mars rover, to communicate with researchers.


French verbs:

Pupils will learn new verbs in French, that they can use to communicate and tell others what they are doing, during the week.