Home Page ‘Learning and growing together, rooted in Christ’

Our Catholic Faith

Our Catholic faith is central to all that we do at Our Lady of the Wayside School and Christian worship is an integral part of our school life. It inspires our mission of ‘Learning and growing together, rooted in Christ’, directs our work of teaching and learning and offers us a vision for the goal of human life.


We recognise that education is not merely for its own sake but for the full development of every human person.  Each one of us has been created with a desire to know and love.  We believe the ultimate happiness of our young people at  Our Lady of the Wayside is found in knowing and loving God.


We aim for every child to develop a personal and unique relationship with God.  For it is our relationship with God which grows our values, motivation, aspirations and the moral imperatives that inform our choices and actions. When pupils join our school they become part of this community. Every day starts with an Act of Worship, we give thanks before lunch and we end the day with a prayer. We believe that Christ is at the centre of all we do and therefore we offer each child a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum of the highest standard to meet their spiritual, emotional, moral, intellectual and physical needs and to prepare them for the responsibilities of adult life.


We welcome every member of the school community to share in this mission and aspiration.