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6C Mr Cunningham

Curriculum Map: Autumn 1


Place Value including understanding place value headings, value of numbers, understanding place of digits, combining and partitioning numbers up to millions, ordering numbers including decimals, rounding numbers. Arithmetic practice,.

Number properties including square and cubed numbers, prime numbers, factors and multiples

Addition/subtraction/multiplication/division written methods and mental methods and in context through word problems.


Fiction- Adventure stories- Mr Men

Grammar- Conjunctions, 2a recap, fronted adverbials and recap word classes including nouns, adjectives, pronouns and adverbs.

Spelling - recap learning from year 5- silent letters, ie/ei

Commas to eliminate ambiguity, colon in a list, speech rules


VIPERS skills- understand types of questions in a reading comprehension.  Retrieval and inference questions


The Story of the People of God- Learn about the Old Testament and why it is important. Children look at the different styles of writing and themes. Children look at Moses, Esther, Cain and Abel and the story of the Fall and recognise why we need rules and why God wanted a relationship with his people.

Followers of Christ -  In this unit of work we consider the call of the disciples by Jesus. The children will learn about the demands that the
call of Christ placed on these first disciples and they will
think about ways in which people answer the call of Christ
today through the life of the Church.

Golden Thread: Geography focus

The impact of Climate change on our World- Children understand what climate change is? What is weather and climate? Human and natural factors which impact climate change. Topical news- Antarctica - impact on species due to sea ice shrinking. Carbon footprint- what we contribute in terms of carbon dioxide. Cop28 - last year's pledges have they been implemented?  Young Activists around the world and the impact. What can we do? Children create a board game linked to climate change and famous board game styles.


Heart and lungs-  Children learn about the composition of blood. The circulatory system. Detail on how our heart and lungs work. How our life style impacts our heart and lungs.


Learn about Impressionist painters including Claude Monet in detail - children replicate his "Japanese Bride" painting.

Zentangle patterns using repetitive patterns which leads to printing patterns on a polyprint tile using reverse system print process.

Study the work of Edward Hopper.

Self portraits.


Ma Maison- children learn to describe what type of houses they and others live in. Rooms inside a house in detail. Family members who live in a house. Describing items in their bedroom and prepositions to describe where items are. 

Design and Technology

Design and build a playground.

Research existing playground equipment and their different forms, before designing and developing a range of apparatus to meet a list of specified design criteria.


E-safety- Learning how to navigate the internet in an informed, safe and respectful way. This includes understanding where to get help if children feel worried or uncomfortable or scared - 7 top tips. Sharing online, creating a positive online reputation, capturing evidence, think before you click and strong passwords.


New Beginnings including what is normal? Looking at overcoming disabilities and inclusion while celebrating differences.

6 sessions by our assistant head on Talk 


Competitive sports - netball

Balance - scorpion hand ball and seated volleyball