Home Page ‘Learning and growing together, rooted in Christ’

Miss Bagladi and Mrs Goodenough

Welcome to Reception

Our team are :

  • Miss E Bagladi (Red Group)
  • Mrs R Goodenough (Blue Group)
  • Mrs K Hooper, Mr G Girling, Mrs A Robinson, Miss J Bell and Mrs S Moss (Support Staff)
  • Mrs L Sparkes (EYFS Lead)

Our Philosophy:

Within our Early Years children are valued as unique individuals, who learn and thrive through a holistic approach that includes physical, intellectual, emotional, social and cultural experiences. Our pedagogy reflects the belief that children benefit from positive relationships with others, which enables them to be happy and caring, resilient, and, to value and respect one another in all aspects of their lives. An ethos of independent learning through a stimulating play-based environment is seen as essential for children to achieve their potential in all aspects of their educational lives with us, within early years.

We believe that;

‘Play provides a basis for developing understanding and for fostering the skills that are necessary to move, to plan, to act and to learn from a new experience’ (Macintyre, 2012).

Building on the children’s previous experiences and interests, we foster a love of learning that enables children to become confident and creative thinkers. Our ethos encourages the process and enjoyment of learning and focuses on developing positive learning identities and dispositions, helping to nurture independence and confidence. The role of other children and adults within an enabling environment is also recognised and promoted.

Autumn 1 Curriculum Overview

P.E: This will take place every Monday.

The children should arrive each Monday morning wearing their PE kit

Many thanks for your support in this respect.


Forest School will take place every Friday.

The children can keep their waterproof clothing and wellies in school.

Little Wandle Phonics Autumn 1 Pronunciation

Little Wandle Phonics Autumn 2 Pronunciation

Little Wandle Phonics Spring 1 Pronunciation

Prayers for worship

We love reading!