Home Page ‘Learning and growing together, rooted in Christ’

Miss Bagladi and Mrs Goodenough

Welcome to Reception


With Miss Bagladi, Mrs Goodenough, Mrs Hooper, Mr Girling, Mrs Robinson, Miss Bell and Mrs Moss. 


In Reception we have two classes, Red group and Blue group. Our enviroment is an exciting place to learn and grow together, rooted in Christ. 






Our curriculum is designed to stimulate and inspire our children through real context that excites and engages them in learning. We use a knowledge based curriculum that is underpinned by our school values and catholic social teaching. The curriculum is designed sequentially to build on prior learning and prepare our children for the next stage in their education. Through visits, visitors and real life learning we develop cultural capital. Communication and language is at the heart of our curriculum; it underpins all aspects of learning to equip children with the knowledge, skill and confidence to share, develop and extend their learning.


In Reception in the Spring term we are learning all about Out and About and The Great Outdoors... take a look at some of the books we will explore together in school. 



We love listening to stories in Reception! Children have the opportunity to vote daily on a story that will be read to them by our amazing teachers. We are also often surprised by secret storytellers who share their favourite stories with us. 





Our Curriculum Map shows what we will be learning and how we will be progressing in more detail, this is broken up into the areas of learning that we cover in the EYFS. 









EYFS at Our Lady of the Wayside


At Our Lady of the Wayside our curriculum is designed in a sequential way from when children join us at the start of Nursery until they move into KS1 at the end of Reception. Below details the skills, development and knowledge we want our children to know, understand and do at the end of each term. This follows the progression within Development Matters. 

We take part in so many fun and exciting opportunities in Reception, including P.E lessons, Forest school and drawing club. 



P.E will take place every Monday and Thursday.

The children should arrive each Monday and Thursday morning wearing their PE kit


Forest School will take place every Friday.

The children can keep their waterproof clothing and wellies in school.


Drawing Club will take place every Friday. 

No additional items are required. 







In Reception we learn how to read and write through the teaching of phonics. We use the Little Wandle program to do this. Below are some videos and the Little Wandle website to support you and your child at home.






Little Wandle Phonics Autumn 1 Pronunciation

Little Wandle Phonics Autumn 2 Pronunciation

Little Wandle Phonics Spring 1 Pronunciation

After Spring 1 we focus on consolidating and embedding all the sounds we have learnt in the Autumn and Spring term so that we can read longer words and read more fluently.

Our School Prayers